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Kopano Kwapeng


Dynamic, passionate, vibrant, positive change agent, global citizen, style coach, fashion authority are words used to describe the ever stylish, bold and elegant Kopano Kwapeng.

Kopano served in various retail leadership and is a fashion pundit with over 15 years in design, manufacture & retail management experience. Her passion for fashion, working with big brands and deep desire to make a positive difference in the world, steered her towards becoming a professional Branding and Image Coach.

Her extensive travel over the last 12 years, sourcing and researching trends gives her a global perspective on fashion and trends, which gives her the Edge and Credibility when it comes to style and fashion.
Her travels span over 5 continents and 40 international cities including Fashion and Style capitals like London, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Florence to name a few.

Kopano is part of the International Association of Style Coaches (IASC) and is student of the Style Coaching institute which trains professional style coaches over 76 counties in the world. She is very passionate about both personal and business development which helps her stay abreast of key trends in her field and her areas of interest. Her view is how can you trust a coach who does not investing in her own development? She definitely “walks her talk”